About TMC Today

Tufts Mountain Club is as strong as ever.  Boasting over 350 members and a newly completed Trips Cabin, TMC continues to get Tufts students outside - hiking, climbing, backpacking, snowshoeing, skiing, ice climbing, canoeing, etc. 

The Current TMC website is found here: http://tuftsmountainclub.org/

Big Events

Tufts Mountain Club has a number of big annual events: 

Newcomer's: early Sept., a weekend focused on introducing newbies to TMC culture, the loj, and each other

: early Oct., originally called the Presidential Range Relay Race, an inter-collegiate relay race, held along the Franconia Ridge.

Peak Weekend
: early Oct., representatives of TMC summit all 48 4000 footer peaks in one weekend.

: in Feb., a giant feast, held to celebrate the 100% survival rate in the infamous Loj fire, the fact that the current loj hasn't burned down, and/or former end date of exams.

Mountain Day
: fall and spring, in good weather, activities like camp stove iron chef, bobbing for apples, and slackline, on the quad